A Glimmer of Hope Austin


Salvation Pizza is proud to partner with A Glimmer of Hope Austin, a local charity organization that works to empower disadvantaged Austin residents by helping them to make a positive impact in their own lives. In addition to co-sponsoring several fundraising events throughout the year, we also provide pizzas for Camp Glimmer, an annual program that gives over 500 underprivileged youth the opportunity to enjoy a first-class summer camp.

Help support our Austin and Camp Glimmer by donating.




We are a proud sponsor of KUT, Austin’s Austin’s local public radio station. KUT provides exceptional news, coverage of local events and music, and supports this unique community.

Live Oak Brewing Company


We are also proud to support Like Oak Brewing Company, a small brewery built from the ground up in east Austin, providing delicious old-world style beers.

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